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What our customers are saying

(actual customer comments taken from Google Reviews)

"Kevin was SO HELPFUL! I wasn't sure what to expect - but his reputation was spot on.... he was honest, spoke directly, and didn't take advantage of my situation. Not at all. VERY grateful for his assistance." - N. Martin

"Beautiful estate pieces and super fantastic service! Very nice guy!" - D. Robertson



"I highly recommend this place!!. I've been coming here awhile. To sell my silver, Always get a fair price. I appreciate all his help. He is VERY Honest! His store has some beautiful uniquely designed jewelry. High quality! A very cozy atmosphere. With a personal setting. I've seen some great items. I feel like I'm getting a great deal on everything he offers. I don't feel like its overpriced. He really makes you feel like you a human being, that he appreciates your business, not another sales quota. He is very trustworthy, and you can feel that is his tone. You don't feel like he is trying to pull one over on you. You will leave every time satisfied and happy you came! He is friendly gives you all his attention while you are there, not like other jewelry stores. You don't feel rushed to buy. I cannot say enough that this is a great store. We will be repeat customers. We will be back! Definitely referring this place to all my friends! Thank u sir!" - T. Ellis

"I highly recommend this store! He was fast and friendly, and they certainly do have an amazing collection/selection of antique jewelry! I can't wait until I get to go back there to shop! 😁 (Wishful thinking." - N. Head

"Amazing service, Gave me more than a fair price for my old gold and worked with me on price for the beautiful engagement ring I bought. Don't go anywhere else. Thank you!!" - S. Shuffield

"I contacted them to sell a loose stone and though I'm still waiting to complete my business with them they have been very helpful and even returned my call after business hours. That's a level of service that I don't see often these days. It's refreshing to know that there are still businesses as dedicated to their customers satisfaction." - D. Thompson

"Kevin is a great and knowledgeable person on jewelry. He will sit down with and go over any questions you have.

 He’s gives a fair price. I will be using him again. - G. Kellerman

"Kevin is an honest jeweler. I went in thinking that all of my gold was 10k, and he clarified one of my pieces was 14k. All of the other places I had been were going to allow me to think that my broken chain was still 10k and rip me off. His prices were more than fair compared to everyone else's. If you are going to buy or sell gold or silver, I highly recommend using Simmons Estate Jewelry. You will not be disappointed." - J. Noble

 "So I had a ring that I was interested in selling and I did some research online and found Simmons estate jewelry it had really good reviews with lots of positive comments and the owner Kevin took the time to respond to them. When I arrived I was greeted by the owner Kevin himself and he took a look at my ring, he was very honest and fair with the valuation and made a very reasonable offer that I was happy to accept. Overall if you were looking to buy some quality jewelry or sell some of yours I would recommend this honest and professional local business." - 

 "Kevin is a genuine, down to earth, honest and fun loving small business owner. If you are looking for QUALITY, High End, Custom jewelry this is your one stop shop! You'll leave with a beautiful treasure and I'm quite sure a new friend after you meet Kevin the owner." - N. Schlem

"Simmons Estate Jewelry is the place to buy fine jewelry and vintage Rolexes. I have purchased multiple Rolexes from them and enjoy all of them. People compliment me on my fine Rolexes and wife's jewelry all of the time" - Doctor P

"Kevin was SO HELPFUL! I wasn't sure what to expect but his reputation was spot on...he was honest, spoke directly, and din't take advantage of my situation. Not at all. VERY grateful for his assistance" - N. Martin

"Kevin is an amazing person to deal with. He gave me good prices on all my old jewelry and even better prices on the things I purchased. I will be going back!" - T. Franks

"Awesome guys. Very helpful, fair and informative in buying and selling. 2 thumbs way up" - J. An

"You cannot find a better person to deal with than Kevin. He is always fair and honest with me. - R. Cope

"These people pay more for gold and silver than anyone else. Very nice to eal with. I've sold them things 6 times and I shopped it all the places in Fort Worth. Thanks for being so honest."

"A great place to exchange your gold or silver. The man was honest, just an awesome experience and I definitely recommend them and I will be going back." - S.Schumacher


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